Kristin Vigliotta, RN

Kristin Vigliotta: Delivering Humankindness During the Birth Experience

More than 100 generous employees of St. John’s Hospitals participated in St. John’s Healthcare Foundation’s 2021 Employee Giving Campaign “Taking Care of Each Other.” In addition to cash gifts, employees donated hours from their PTO bank and signed up for recurring donations via payroll deduction in support of a variety of hospital and community health outreach programs.

One of this year’s first-time donors is Kristin Vigliotta, a Registered Nurse in the Labor and Delivery Department (L&D) at St. John’s Regional Medical Center (SJRMC). Kristin has deep personal connections to the L&D. She, her mother, and grandmother were all born in the old hospital building on F Street. In addition, her son was born in the current hospital. After one of her mother’s friends had given birth, Kristin paid her a visit in the hospital. It was then, at the age of twelve, when she decided to become a labor and delivery nurse. While pursuing a nursing degree at Westcoast University, she completed her preceptorship at St. John’s L&D. After graduating from college, she worked at an Obstetrics and Gynecology doctor’s office and regularly delivered patient records to SJRMC. When she received an offer to join St. John’s L&D team in 2014, she accepted it immediately.

Kristin enjoys supporting SJRMC’s highly diverse patient population through the birth experience by providing care, guidance, education, and humankindness to women in labor, their family members, and support persons. She recently cared for a first-time mother who had been trying to have a baby for more than a decade. The woman had a smooth birth process and returned to the hospital a few months later with her baby girl to thank the nursing team, her dream of motherhood fulfilled.

During the 2021 Employee Giving Campaign, her grandparents' experience at SJRMC inspired Kristin to purchase two landscape paintings that had been displayed in the hallways. While her grandfather received care, her grandmother found respite by walking through the hospital to admire the paintings. They also reminded her of the Santa Paula area where her grandparents lived. Kristin’s generous gift will support the nursing improvements fund and the area of greatest need fund.

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